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special needs adaptations

I jst purchased a new Insgnia NS-39D310NA19 and it works well for me but is a gift for my 99 year-old mother.  She is nearly deaf and has focus problems as well. Controller works fine but is a bit too "busy" for old hands.  CC is turned on and works well.


1.  I want her to be able to see this new larger screen better.  I htere a way to increase the display font size?  She sits about 10 feet way but has problems seeing the channel number to make her selection.  Related to this, is there also a process to increase font size for the Closed Captioning?


2.  Is there a way to turn off the Screen Saver.  We are connected to a fiber service and once the power is off on this device, the TV goes in standby mode, we get their company floating around by the monitor is on in standby mode of course.  Is there a way to set the TV to not display anything in standby mode?


Your help is appreciated.

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Re: special needs adaptations

For the captions go into the CC menue and find were you can select Text1, Text2, Text3, or Text4


See if that will make the size changes for you. 


For the screen saver go into adjusting the time settings.  


Turn sleep mode off and that will end the screen saver, but the TV will stay on all the time. 



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