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samsung blu ray hook-up

I guess i'm like a couple of people who are not getting the picture quality at home that we experience in the stores.  I would like to know the best way to hook up my Samsung blu ray player to my Samsung hd tv?  Just use the HDMI cable?  I also have the audio/video cables hooked up. Are the 2 cancelling themselves out?  It's also hooked into my surround sound system.  the sound quality is awesome but for some reason i'm just not getting the picture quality I wanted.  any suggestions?  Am I missing something?
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Re: samsung blu ray hook-up

Use just the HDMI cable.  Take the Red/White/Yellow off.


Connect the HDMI to your receiver, and then the recevier to the TV. 


 If you have no HDMI connection at the receiver, connect the HDMI to your tv, and a toslink/digital cable from your Blu Ray to the receiver.