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retrieving a disc from a vcr/dvd combo unit

I have a Toshiba DVR620KU VCR/DVD combo unit. It recently got "stuck" with the lights for the vcr and the dvd flashing. When I tried to press the eject button for the dvd tray, it wouldn't open. And I have a disc stuck in it. Geek Squad won't do anything with it because it's vintage technology. The manufacture date is 2011. They only deal with current technology going going as far back as four years old. So are there any businesses that deal with vintage technology that can get the disc out for me? If so, who are they and where can I find them? I don't expect that the unit can be repaired. I just want the disc. Besides, I already replaced the unit with a newer unit with a 2014 manufacture date. I bought it as used on ebay.

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Re: retrieving a disc from a vcr/dvd combo unit

Well if there is a place you would want to look locally.  Just be advised many places will charge a minimum of upwards to $100 an hour for service.


I would suspect something is broken or worn out internally and at that age there are going to be no spare parts.


Something similar happened to my VCR-DVD combo 7 years ago.  I unplugged it and opened the case and took the DVD out myself.  I could see the little gears that attach to the tray had worn smooth enough that they could not open the slot.


If that is a route you go to get you disc back, make sure you unplug it first.  


Otherwise, go to goggle maps and go to your city.  Type in  Electronic Repair Near Me.  And you may find a number of private owned businesses that can help you out.

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Re: retrieving a disc from a vcr/dvd combo unit

USe a thin blade screw driver to gently pry around the tray door to eject it far enough to pull the rest of the way out.