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new member question

Why does BestBuy do things like advertise a $99 TV and then dump you into a 4K Thousands of dollars display? In the old days this was BAIT AND SWITCH - today it's simply deceptive and frustrating to a guy who has shopped Best Buy for decades. A fith grader could write more accurate hyperlinks. Hire one.

Thanks. great to be here.

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Re: new member question

The $99 fire TV is listed a couple listings below. It also says "As low as $99" in the description on the page. You can also find it by sorting the list low to high and you would be able to see the lower price model. I don't see any deception here. 



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Re: new member question

Which TV did it link you to in the ad? I saw the ad but paid it no mind as I am not in the market for a new TV.


There three TV's listed under $100 on their web site. 


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