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could a cheap apex converter box really pull in more channels than a new lg lh40?

we cancelled the dish awhile ago, invested the monthly into a gym membership and never looked back. january last year we installed a new rooftop antena, replaced the cable and were sitting pretty until june when everyone else switched over. then we lost fox. we're a big football family, in the nfc-north, so while we missed nflnetwork and espn when we tossed the dish, not having fox is unbearable. after calling everyone and their brother, the experts determined it was our converter box. it's cheap. if you hit the channel up button 6 times out of 10 it will turn your volume down instead and vice versa. converter boxes are being phased out, and while we don't like to pay for tv, we do like to watch it. esp on sundays. we drove the hour to best buy, brought home our new set, plugged in, scanned, flipped. the picture is beautiful, but it can't pick up fox either. flip some more and we were shocked to see the tiuner wasn't catching cbs and later lost abc as well. the person i talked to at best buy when i called was audibly shocked and then sighed and asked who we dealt with stating that sony's have stronger tuners. i pretended i couldn't remeber because i liked the guy who helped us and we really like the lg. is it worth an hour drive to try and exchange it just to test a sony's tuner? could a $700 lg's really be worse than the $40 apex?? there's a new working theory that the tuner is in fact so strong that it's picking up ghosts and we should move the antena into the attic. ?? mediacom is willing to offer us the over-air stations we should be getting for free for a mere $40 a month. our family 30 miles away can get the same package for $10, but we don't live in their area and are therefor not offered the same sweet deal. i'd really love not to have to cave to mediacom or put back up a dish. we really like out gym membership. but we really like tv, too... any help or ideas would be so appreciated!