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connection cables

After a lifetime in electronics (military manufacturer) I find HDMI unfamiliar, only that most all appliances use them today.

I purchased a new 4K Smart Samsung TV and am having trouble connecting my old technology gear to my new TV to make it work.  I have an older Magnavox VHS/DVD burner/player with NO HDMI connectors, only RCA component jacks. I tried using an "adapted" HDMI cable (component to HDMI) only to find the manufacturer lists it as "HDMI in, component out", so it would not work.  Next I tried a composite cable (5 wire) to an adapter box, HDMI out to TV.  Again, no soap. I have searched on the net only to find all manufacturers list their adapted cables as "HDMI in, component out". What do I do now?  I do NOT want to replace my buner/player. 




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Re: connection cables

You may experience issues because the new technology may not understand the language of the old.  


Also, I think you will find if you get the VHS working on your TV the quality is going to be very poor.  VHS was designed to capture very low resolution at a 4:3 aspect.  When you try to stretch it to the size of your new TV it is going to be very grainy. 

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Re: connection cables

unfortunately some technologies age out of relevancy, HDMI has been out there for a while and it's there to stay

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Re: connection cables

Search again for "component to HDMI converter" They are out there. if you have an old VCR lying around you can use it as an RF Modulator. Connect your DVD/VCR to the old VCR via RCA "Line in" and connect to TV via antenna input. Put the TV on channel 3 and Bob's your uncle. I do this all the time for people who have old Nintendo Wii's that want to connect to new Samsung TV's.