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Purchased a Sony Bravia KDL-37XBR6 couple days ago and tried to set it up. Removed the three red,white and yellow from previous TV and connected on back panel where diagram showed for connecting for basic connection with SDVCR/DVD. Also, as I was on a rabbit ears I removed that cable and connected it to the, I think, appropriate connection on panel. When I turned on the TV it conducted the search and came up with only one digital station. What advice can you offer to get the antenna working or will it not work with this setup? With the old TV when you turned on the rabbit ears it lighted showing that it was on; now, it doesn't show that i'ts on. HELP.
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Re: computer

Hey taichily13,


If you already have your external antenna connected to the TV’s coaxial cable input, you may only need to change the TV’s signal type to “Antenna” and verify that you have the TV on the correct input station.  Changing the signal type to Antenna tells the TV’s tuner to look for signals through the attached antenna/receiver, and can generally be done through the TV’s “Channel” menu.  If you wind up changing the signal type though, it’s also highly suggested that you run the TV’s auto-programming function a second time.


Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that your TV is on the correct input station and is not looking for a signal through an external device, such as a VCR/DVD recorder.  After all, if your TV’s input station is set to an external device, you would be limited to watching whatever station that device was on at any given time.


Hope this helps you out.


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