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blue ray player

I rencently bought the Samsung blue ray home theater system. I have had no problems with any of the movies on blue ray i have bought except for one. The movie The Happening will not play. I can play the previews and even the scens but the movie will not play. I have even returned the movie and exchanged it for another and the same thing happens. I have only had the player for two week. ANY HELP ANYONE CAN PROVIDE I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE!!!!!
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Re: blue ray player

Some movies are not playable because of the way the Firmware is programmed inside the player. Its buggy or not a compatable protocol. Read your BluRay player manual for how to update your players internal software to deal with such issues.
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Re: blue ray player

double check with samsung website to see if they have any new firmware upgrades for your model. firmware upgrades is like upgrading the protecting in your antivirus program. Sometimes old firmware can not support new movies (that happened to me before with my samsung bluray player, it either didn't play or took a long time to load the disc. i followed the instructions to upgrade the firmware and it got a lot better afterwards.)

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Re: blue ray player

Is it hard to upgrade firmware if you cant connect directly to your computer, as my computer will be in another room 50 feet from the tv.  I am also very low tech. 

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Re: blue ray player

Hey yankeeman,


There are usually a couple of different options available for when you have to update firmware, but keep in mind that your choices may be limited based upon the specific model blu-ray player that you own.  In most cases firmware can be updated one of two ways: using a direct PC connection or USB flash drive.


Because not all Blu-ray players are equipped with USB flash drives, you ultimately may need to run a cable beetween the player and your computer/modem.  Like hockeycanuckjc mentioned, the exact details on how to do so should be available in your owner's manual.  If you're ever in doubt though, remember that you can always visit Samsung's support site for further information:


Hope this helps you out!


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Re: blue ray player

I have read this thread, I must say that there are other ways to update firmware on a Samsung, you do not connect the player to a PC, but to your home network, for any BD-Live material that is available on the disc......You can update the firmware via the ethernet connection or Samsung has an ISO file you can burn to CD, then insert it into the player to update.....I have been in this hi-def disk ball game since the beginning, with the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war.....My player will handle all those formats, HD-DVD, Blu, and DVD.....HD is gone now, but I still enjoy the disks I have.....Welcome to the world of BLU-RAY, where ya gotta do firmware updates just to play a movie!!!! So much easier with DVD, just pop the disk in, any movie, and play.......good luck...