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blue ray or reg dvd?

I have a very old cheap dvd player.  It's wearing out and I know it's time to upgrade.  I am wondering if I should go with blue ray or just a better dvd player.  One problem I have is that I bought a dvd from England and my dvd player won't play it.  It says "wrong region".  It will play on my computer which makes me think a newer dvd player might read it. I do not have a home theatre system yet, nor an HD tv.  It will be another year or two before I can get that.  What would be the advantage of a blue ray at this time?  Are they going to stop making movies in dvd form do you think?  Thanks for any thoughts or advice.   Braven
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Re: blue ray or reg dvd?

It's real simple, braven. If you own a HDTV, and you love movies (and you can afford it), by all means buy a Blu-Ray.
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Re: blue ray or reg dvd?

Hi Braven. If you buy a blueray player now you will not be able to take advantage of its quality now on your old TV set. Once you get that new HDTV you will be blown away by what you see. The blueray player is capable of playing the old DVD format and upconverting them which will make the old DVD'S look better. However a non blueray player cannot play a blueray DVD. Also be aware that blueray movies are more expensive than regular DVD'S. It will probably eliminate the standard DVD'S just like CD'S did to cassettes. Hope that helps.



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Re: blue ray or reg dvd?

Hey braven,

Most DVD and Blu-ray players that are currently sold within the United States are region 1 (DVD) and region A (Blu-ray) only, so you’re going to want to look for a multi-region or region-free player if you’d like to watch your overseas DVD on anything other than your computer. Unfortunately, these types of players are often very difficult to find and not sold by most major U.S. retailers.


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