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black screen. red light comes on bright for 5 se

I have a hisense 55 in'' model 55R6E .blacck screen with no sound. Red light comes onbright for 5 seconds then dims for 3 seconds then off and back on for 1 second then off then it keeps repeats over and over  Can't turn the light off or get it to stay on. New Batteries in remote /nothing  Any ideas hate tyo throw it out it's only 2 years old 

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Re: black screen. red light comes on bright for 5 se

Just a guess by perhaps the motherboard when out. I have a Samsung that needed a new motherboard. 


Fortunately I have the Service Plan on it and Geek squad swapped out and it has worked great since. 


If you don't have the service plan it may cost less to buy a new TV

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