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assistant with upcoming purchase.

I am looking at picking up the Denon S760H and the klipsch reference cinema 5.1.4 with atmos.

Will the Denon support the atmos? Where would I plug in the up firing speaker? What settings on the Denon would I use to make sure it's set for atmos.

Thanks guys

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Re: assistant with upcoming purchase.

Yes it will support Atmos.


The settings on the Denon would be in the user manual for sure but I don't know what the setting is.


Probaly speaker set up under the Speaker Settings


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Re: assistant with upcoming purchase.

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Hello, woltehrtl.


Thank you for reaching out to us.  In short order, it should be compatible.  I haven't personally worked with Denon but they usually have a universal way of connecting other devices.  When you check out the pics, the S760H even has the Atomos display on the receiver.  I checked out the connectors on the back and it appears that you can connect your HDTV as well through the ARC HDMI connector on the far right.



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