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I am TRYING to contact Best Buys. Phone, chat, email. IMPOSSIBLE!! 

Since there are no stores to go in to to AKS A QUESTION because of this lockdown.

I would like to know information on Roku vs Chrome stick vs traditional cable services. 

Can Roku/Chrome stick be used in multi different states, as I have 2 homes and travel back & forth.

Are these subscriptions with monthly charges or a one time purchase?

ANY information would be appreciated as I am looking for pros & cons of each.


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Re: advice

Roku and ChromeCast are only used to stream your subscribed services.  They are not a subscription service.


Roku uses a separate remote, ChromeCast uses an app on your phone or tablet. 


Roku only accesses Applications compatible with Roku (of which there are hundreds and all the major ones) 


With ChromeCast the CAST part means you can literally put what is on your phone, tablet, or computer screeen on the TV If what your viewing is compatilble


Have you ever seen the word Cast associated with an application or web browser.  That means you can CAST that content to your TV.  If your on  a computer on a Chrome  web browser in the upper right corner are three dots.  Left click to expand and you will see Cast.


You should be able to take the Roku or ChormCast with you.  


The performance of each depends entirely on your internet connection.  For best performance it is best to connect them via Ethernet to your router

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