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advice for home theater learning?

I'm currently good with PCs and many other departments, but I always find myself being clueless and stupid with home theater stuff. a lot of the e learnings feel like just ads for certain TVs, but I'd like to fully understand the hardware and how everything works so can fully know what I'm talking about, where should I start? are there some good e learnings or outside resources I can use?

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Re: advice for home theater learning?

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums. I understand wanting to be knowledgeable on every part of the technology. Information can be found on my technology and devices on the manufacturers site, user manuals and many places online. E-learnings are meant to provide an overview of the products and if you need more information than provided you may have to breakdown and simply your research to the specific information you would like to find.


Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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Re: advice for home theater learning?

Dolby is arguably the pinnacle of sound ratings.  A good place to start is reading some articles on speaker placment 


You will see numbers like 5.1, 5.2, 7.1, 9.1 etc.  They are Dolby classifications for the number of speakers and subwoofers in a home system.  


Generaly speaking 5.1 will be the most functional for your home.  Though most receivers are supporting a minimum of 7.1.  5.1 means you have 5 speakers and a sub.  5.2 would be 5 speakers and 2 subs.


In a proper Dolby speaker set up for 5.1 you have a Center channel, a left and right in the front.  Then 2 in the rear and a subwoofer. Dolby has diagrams for proper placment.  Don't worry if you cannot get them optimal.  Their recommendatioans are just considered the optimal placement. 


The Receiver, aka AVR, is the centerpiece of the the whole system.  Most modern TV's will have what is called HDMI Arc (good thing to research).  HDMI Arc will allow for a single cable from your receiver to your TV.  Most moderng receivers will work with Arc.  


In my home theater I have a receiver with an Arc cable going to the TV.  All other devices in my house that I want to use with my TV are plugged into the receiver directly. However, with Arc I can use my playstation controller to turn on the PS5, and via arc automaticaly switch the receiver to the PS5 so it is now on the TV.


In my mind you should expect to spend $400 to $700 on the reciever. 


Speakers should be matched  for impedence to the reciever, once again not a big deal as most are 8 Ohms. 

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