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Yamaha YHT-5960U HTIB Input / Settings Help!

Hey all - 


Just purchased the Yamaha YHT-5960 HTIB and am in the setting up / tweaking stage.  The reciever advertises 4k UHD HDR @ 60hz pass through out of the box upgradeable to 120hz via firmware at a later date.  I bought the unit SPECIFICALLY for this feature.  


Just plugged a PS5 into reciever HDMI input # 1 and am using an 8k HDMI cable going from receiver's EARC input/output into a 2021 Sony Bravia.  


On PS5 system I am getting the message "HDR not supported in 4K."  I have to dumb the resolution down to 1080p in order for HDR to work.  So I can either have HDR at 1080p or no HDR at 4k.  


Am I doing something wrong?  Am I missing a setting in the receiver set up?  Is this more functionality coming via a "future update?"  The system highly touts its "future proof" set up and showcases the 4K UHD HDR pass through in all of it's promotional media so it would be highly annoying - but not a deal breaker - if this functionality was not offered out of the box.  I can still plug the PS5 directly into the Bravia HDMI 2.1 input and get the full 4k HDR / UHD / 60/120 hz experience and just output the audio of the TV to the receiver via EARC input/output.  But I would like the unit to function as advertised rather than having to utilize a "work around." 


Any help is greatly appreciated.  





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Re: Yamaha YHT-5960U HTIB Input / Settings Help!

You're locked well below the HDMI 2.1 features based on your message.  This implies a setting issue.  Have you made sure that your Yamaha AVR is set to Mode 1 and the HDMI input on the Sony TV has the HDMI set to Enhanced?


Once that happens, you should be able to get HDR @ 4K/60.


The AVR "future update" from Yamaha is live and is a hardware upgrade, their page detailing this process is here:


Hope this helps.



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Re: Yamaha YHT-5960U HTIB Input / Settings Help!

That did the trick!  Bravia was not set to "enhanced" mode on the EARC input / output.  


The hardware update is still not availble yet - Yamaha is saying "later this fall" - so I'l be keeping the PS5 plugged directly into the Bravia for now but nice to know the system works as advertised.


Thanks for your help!