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Yamaha RX-A880

Having all kinds of issues like:

1. System will go to ao5 and lock. Cannot turn the amp off. Only way get it back is to unplug and plug back in?

2. Changed my config but when I try to load it I get config failed - NICE now what do I do. It is very dumb to provide an error with no instruction to remedy the situation. I still don't know why it failed to update or why?

3. I would like it to default to a particular setting say DirectTV Genie - how can I make that happen. I started using scenes and now I can go direct to NET Radio and the station I like most. But, I have no idea how to change that station. I have done it in the past but this remote is not as easy as my older Yamaha amp was. Can't get the screen I used to get to to browse stations or see my favorites?

4. There's more but let's start with these.


I am about to reset back to factory defaults and start over but, is that the right move?


By the way, this is a great amp - the best surround sound I have had (I did, back in the olden days of individual components, have a separate equalizer, and a Panasonic suround sound component.that was great. First thing I listened to/watched was the Back to the Future movie the begins with the clocks ticking, the surround was amazing 

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Re: Yamaha RX-A880

Hello, TheoTV,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! 


As someone who has been slowing building up my home theater system for years, I know that having a working receiver plays a big role, whether it be in the day-to-day viewing experience, or if there's a particular film you want to be immersed in, so I can understand how running into these errors would less than ideal.


That said, I'm glad you reached out to us with these concerns, so we can try to step in and assist.


When the receiver won't allow you to power off, it means that the internal microcomputer has frozen, due to an external electric shock (such as lightning or excessive static electricity) or to a drop in the power supply voltage. This should be fixed by holding down z (power) on the front panel for more than 15 seconds to reboot the unit. If the problem persists beyond that step, disconnecting the power cable from the AC wall outlet and plugging it in again should correct the issue. 


Can you please try the step to reboot to see if you have different results? If it still doesn't let you, I recommend having your Yamaha RX-A880 looked at, as those steps should correct the issue. Do you know if you purchased a Geek Squad Protection Plan for this product or if it's still within your one-year manufacture warranty?


Another great resource to check out is the Yamaha RX-A880 manual, where they go over great troubleshooting steps, along with other tips for getting your receiver set up to work with you and your other products.



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