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Would welcome shopping experiences with Best Buy

After researching a large, flat panel, LCD television online, I'm planning to buy it at a nearby BB store, have it delivered and setup (by the Geek Squad?) and the ancient, cumbersome analog hauled away.  On the phone, BB cheerully says it can do all that.  And I think the price is right.


If someone has done likewise, what were your experiences?  Were you satisfied?  Did it work well for you?Smiley Happy


I have read, that in some instances, BB will deliver to the customer a television set which a customer has returned to the store for a refund or exchange.  Does anyone know if this is true?  If I buy one which is not delivered in a factory-packed, sealed container, should I refuse acceptance? 


No matter how hard they try work to re-pack a television to restore the box to its original appearance, there's always some tell-tale signs -- you can never get that Styrofoam packing to completely cooperate.  


Thanks for comments regarding your television shopping experiences with Best Buy.



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Re: Would welcome shopping experiences with Best Buy

In my post above, I should have said "BB," as well as other retailers"


(I don't see a feature to allow for editing of a message which has been posted.)