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Which brand?

I am looking to purchase a 26" LCD HDTV DVD Combo. I have narrowed the field to either an LG or Sharp. Does anyone have any opinions as to which would be the best brand?
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Re: Which brand?

well from consumer report it says lg has most people to sent it back to the store for repairs.

from my opinion is sharp.

why are you get a 26" lcd hdtv dvd combo?

why not go for a bigger lcd tv?

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Re: Which brand?

Personally I would wait for the after Thanksgiving sales. There will most likely be 1080p 32 inch and up TVs for under 600. If you plan on ever buying Blue Ray you'll need the 1080p.


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Re: Which brand?

In my opinion you would no want a Tv/DVD combo a lot of those TV are harder and more expensive to repair unless you have an extended warranty that will take care of the problem when the disc tray does not work or when the drive does not work. Nevertheless, if i were to choose a brand i would go with something other than Dynex, Insignia, or Toshiba(Surprising). I would go with Sharp.
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Re: Which brand?

720p Televisions might be cheap, but in the long run you will be very dissapointed if you purchase one and want to get a BluRay along the line in the future.
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