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Watching non 4K content on 4K

I just bought the ''55inch LG 4K UHD Smart OLED curve TV w/ HDR... I have a bunch of blu-ray movies and tv shows... is it worth buying them again in UHD 4K? For example, The Revenant I own the blu-ray version... is it worth it? Other movies like Lord of the Rings or tv show like the Sopranos obviously isn't offered in 4K, but I know of course the tv itself will definitely make it look better than before. That goes for everything. Just wondering if it's worth buying again the movies/tv shows that are offered in 4K/UHD... thanks in advance
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Re: Watching non 4K content on 4K

Really a personal decision but I would say absolutly not. Unless it is a movie or series of movies that you really enjoy and you watch over and over.


Of course my writing this is a little on the hypocritical side.  I started with the Star Wars Triology on VHS. Purchased them again on DVD.  Received episodes I, II and III on DVD (one of which was not letter box). I know own all 6 movies on Blu Ray (have not received Rogue one yet as a birthday present next month)


If you have not purchased a new player yet. I was in a magnolia store near my office and they had a display set up with a player that would upscale the movie from Blu Ray to 4K.  Granted it wasn't perfect but it was significantly better that simple Blu Ray.


You should also be able to stream a lot of good 4K content through Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Re: Watching non 4K content on 4K

Hi ZchronicNebula,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! A new TV is surely exciting, and I’m hoping you’ve been enjoying your new 55” 4K LG TV.


Repurchasing everything in 4K for your movies isn’t necessary as you mentioned your TV will upscale the image to a 4K like quality. However, you may want to purchase your favorites and re-purchase select titles that are meant for 4K. These are titles typically are ones that are super colorful, and action packed which can take full advantage of all the pixels plus wider color array.


You’re more than welcome to see our full selection of 4K movies here.



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Re: Watching non 4K content on 4K

I'm probably in the minority, but I can't really see much difference between my 4k content and my regular 1080p content... my criteria for upgrading to 4k versions is on the audio side. I have an Atmos system. If a movie comes out with good Atmos or DTS-X audio, I'll upgrade the disc. Things like Starwars, Jurassic Park, or the bigger Marvel films.


rom-coms can stay on DVD.