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looking for a VHS only player.  No need to record or need for whiz-bang options.  Any suggestions on brand and/or model?



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Re: VHS Player ONLY

just get one for less than 20 bucks
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Re: VHS Player ONLY

Hey radicalhippie,


VHS-only players are pretty hard to find nowadays!  I had a grad class last semester in which the professor recorded our presentations on VHS, and I had such a tough time finding a VCR that worked - we tried loading the tape into one of our old VCRs, and I nearly cried when it ate the tape!  We were finally able to borrow a VCR/DVD combo from my mom, and took advantage of the time we had to watch all the old VHS tapes we had of our favorite movies lying around!


As I'm sure you've found, most are now sold as a VCR/DVD combo.  This may leave you with very few options - it may be more about taking whichever VCR-only unit you can find versus having choices on brand/model.  Good luck!



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