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Used OLED worthwhile?

Hi there,

I have been offered an LG 55B6V OLED second hand for a very tempting price. I have seen the TV and it is in full working order. I am slightly put off by the fact that the TV was made in late 2016 however and wondered if anyone had any advice on whether or not it would be worth it. As I said it's a very good price but I don't want to waste my money if it is likely to experience problems. Anyone with any knowledge or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



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Re: Used OLED worthwhile?

Disclaimer It is a personal choice.


Opinion. depending on the price would be my factor.  OLED Technology has been around for some time, however it is also the fastest advancing technology in TV's. One of the drawbacks to OLED is that they are more susceptible to burn in than LED. Though experts opinions vary on that. Generally it is happening when they are used for console gaming.


In harder stance the B6 series of LG OLED when compared to the current CX series is pretty significant.


Do a Google Search for 


B6 vs CX


One of your first hits should be from a company called ratings dot com

They rate TV's on a technical perspective. 

You will see in the section titled Main Differences For that the CX series is quite far advanced on the B6 Series. 

And if you could bring it and set it side by side I would expect the difference to be pretty dramatic. 


However, if it is already 5 years old it is probably going to work for another 5 


Now CX is LG's top of the line.  They have other models, but I am willing to bet because of advances in technology they are all going to out perform the B6.  


Currently BB has LG OLED in a 55"  for only $1300 using that as a base I would say if you can get the B6 for $100 to $200 you may want to go for it.

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