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Upgraded DVD 4K capable

I just bought a Samsung SUHD and I want to be able to play dvd’s; my old RCA-connections dvd player is not compatible. I’m not interested in fancy features, just a simple wireless dvd player that will send a good signal to the tv resulting in a fine picture. I am not interested in 3D capability. Must I have an HDMI cable for 4K upscaling? What is “streaming” and “progressive scan?” I’m considering the $70 to $150 price range. TIA

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Re: Upgraded DVD 4K capable

Hi billrbb, 


Thanks for reaching out for more information about purchasing a new DVD player. I'd be happy to help you determine which is the best for you, and to answer your questions. 


What do you mean by wireless? Do you mean something that doesn't need to be connected to your TV or a player that can receive Wi-Fi signals? Currently wireless connection meaning without wires connecting to the TV is not an option for DVD players.


Most players are backwards compatible to allow customer's to play older DVDs and Blu-rays. For 4K and 1080p content you'd need an HDMI connection. HDCP 2.2 capable HDMI ports are necessary to watch true 4K content. 


Often times you'll see a disclaimer regarding the quality of HDMI cables necessary for DVD players along the lines of this:  High-speed HDMI cable is the only connection that can deliver a Blu-ray experience with a full 1080p picture and digital surround sound.


(HDCP 2.2 is also a new term, it just is simply the technology built into the HDMI port and implemented to protect production companies from piracy and illegal recording of the 4K content.)


Streaming is the act of receiving content over the internet. Services like HULU, Netflix, and YouTube are considered streaming applications that are built into SMART DVD players to watch your favorite shows or YouTube accounts. 


Progressive scanning is how the picture is rendered on the display. It just means the picture isn't interlaced within it's self where it loads horizontal pixel lines then vertical pixel lines. 


What else do you currently have that you'd be connecting your new DVD Player to? What TV model, and any sound enhancement? 


I look forward to your response! 






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Re: Upgraded DVD 4K capable

At 15 ft and less any HDMI Premum verified cable will pass at least 18GB/s  (up to  HDMI 2.0a Devices ) up tp  4K which covers HDR and UHD 4K Blue Ray and any 4K TV extender  and they need not be expenosve Amazon Basic HDMI high cables have been verified to work.and I have some here conected to my 2015 4K HDR Sony XBR I got at B.B. and they pass 4K HDR fine .


Some older HDMI 1.4 will only reach 12 GB/s but an older  good quality HDMI high speed cable may also work at 18GB/s and 4K HDR . 



Its the quaklity of the wires and connections that detrmine that bandwith along with an ARC channel and verified pin out on the premuim HDMI Rated cables but the better HDMI 2.0 rated cables will work often . 

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