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Universal Remote for Home System With Sony STR-DH770

So we have a home system with a samsung tv, samsung bluray, xfinity cable box and sony STR-Dh770.


Too many remotes for all the members of the household to use.


So we bought a GE Universal remote. 


It cannot fully operate the STR-Dh770 Sony OR the XFinity Box.


Does anyone know of a Best Buy unit or other that can control the Samsung AND the STR-DH770? Is there a SONY Universal remote that can handle it? 


Helppp dont want to buy another universal remote that cannot handle it. 


The GE "sort" of works the receiver. It turns it on and off, can handle volume, but cannot switch between inputs which defeats the whole purpose.....





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Re: Universal Remote for Home System With Sony STR-DH770

You should be able to control those things with the remote that came with the STR-Dh770

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Re: Universal Remote for Home System With Sony STR-DH770

Hi there, cjwarrensac,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! We know how important your home theater system is to you, so it hurts me to hear that you're having a difficult time finding a remote that will work with all of the components. That said, I'd glad you took the time to share your experience with us so we can try to help!


For what you're trying to do, a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote should be a good fit for your devices, and make it so you only need one remote to control your home theater system.


Otherwise, you can have Geek Squad Agent come out for a fee to set-up a universal remote, so they can program it to work with all of your devices. That said, with everything going on with COVID-19 right now, we're not currently providing in-home services. However, you can keep an eye on our site here for any updates on when that's up and running again if you'd like to go that route.




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