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Until about August, I was able to get channel 68.1 through 68.6, and then it disappeared.

Around this same time many people had to rescan which I've done multiple times and it

still will not pick-up this station.  The station is only ten miles from my home and I've always

gotten this station before.


For a time, I was also getting channel 50.1 and 58.1 which I can no longer get as well.


Please help!


Thank you!

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Hey, Maronita,

What a strange issue! In this case, we may advise reaching out to your antenna manufacturer, or even the local broadcast company to see if they changed anything. Even with the short distance, it may just be time to purchase a new/upgraded antenna.


All of this is purely my speculation, and I wouldn't be able to offer much official advise. It is possible that another member of our community may have an idea, but without examining in person (or perhaps testing a new antenna or digital box) it'll be hard to pinpoint an exact answer.


Best of luck getting this resolved! 

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