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Tv usb

Tv brands that support usb video playback
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Re: Tv usb

Great question.


Unfortunaly USB does not work very well for playing video.  It simply does not typically have the capability to play quiality video. A lot of resolution will be lost.  Also you would not get sound.


Typically video is played via an HDMI cable.



Many  TV's have a USB port on the them.  But it would be used mostly for photos or music.



What type of device are you wanting to play the video from?  Perhaps we could suggest an alternate solution

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Re: Tv usb

Hello Rosbel12,


Select TVs will support different media types through the USB port. These formats should be clearly documented in the TV’s owner manual. You’re welcome to use the model number to search a manufacturer’s website to review the manual and look for the specific information you’re interested in. Also, as bobberuchi shared we don’t recommend that USB be primary used for video playback as the quality can be hindered greatly.



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