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Tv help

I am looking for a tv for mostly watching blu rays and video games with low input lag. My living room is kind of dim. I would like to stay under about $800 if I could for something maybe 50-55inches. What I came up with so are these 2 models Samsung JU6400 & Sony 800C. 


The Samsung is 4k with a 60hz refresh? Not sure that is good the low Hz. Also not sure 4k is really needed at this time there is no available content to watch in that resolution? 


The Sony is a regular 1080 with 3D and a better refresh rate of 120hz. 


Torn on which to get my gut is saying the Sony because of the refresh will be better for gaming?? 

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Re: Tv help

It is pretty exciting to get into that caliber of a TV set.

I also would go with the Sony.


I really like the color control of the Sony TV sets]


Most of your console games tend to not even make use of 1080 from what I have read.


However, the 4K  has incredible resolution.  And if you have Netflix there are a variety of progams now streamed in 4K and you can get a blu-ray player that can upscale to resemble 4K


Look for some articles on refresh rate and 4K.  From what I understand it is not as cut and dry as manufacturers would have you believe.

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