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Toshiba fire wont pair to remote

Toshiba sent out another remote the tv still won’t pair. I can get my app Amazon fire tv remote to pair on my phone but it still won’t let me skip over the pairing with remote screen on the tv. My dad bought this tv and doesn’t have the receipt and when bestbuy tried to look it up but phone number it didn’t pop up. So what can I do? Does bestbuy not do tv repairs anymore? I have a membership that I paid for and the most they did for me is what I had already done myself and I told them it’s not the remote it’s the tv.
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Re: Toshiba fire wont pair to remote

If you dad purchaced it, he would need to contact best buy on this forum with his purchase date, location, payment method etc and they will attempt to locate the reciept. Sence you were not the purchaser they cant do it for you.