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Toshiba fire tv

I’m having trouble with getting a picture on any of my HDMI inputs. Every one of them is a blank screen, even the ones I have nothing plugged into where there would normally appear “no signal” the screen is blank. I’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting solutions, eg, switching ports, unplugging my tv. It worked just fine yesterday, too, so I don’t know what could have happened. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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TVs will not connect to WiFi

I have two separate smart TVs and neither one is connecting to my WiFi, yet all my other devices connect just fine. Why would it only be my TVs?
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Re: Toshiba fire tv

Hello, Niccibon,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! Your TV's should be a source of relaxation and excitement. However, I can understand how it wouldn't feel that way when you're getting a blank HDMI screen rather than being able to watch your favorite programming! That's not the experience we wanted for you, but I'm glad you said something for us to step in and try to help!


Since other devices are working with your router, it does seem like the issue is with the TV's not connecting to the network rather than with your Wi-Fi. I know you mentioned that you tried troubleshooting already, but I have some suggestions that might help.


Have you gone into the settings of your TV to update the Wi-Fi connection to see if that helps? If that doesn't do the trick, I recommend unplugging the TV for five minutes first, then going into the settings to update the Wi-Fi network connection information. You'd also want to make sure your TV is updated to the latest firmware, as that can cause issues if it's on an old firmware. It's also a good idea to see if you have firewalls set up, as that could be causing the issue.


If you're still not able to connect the TV to your Wi-Fi, here's some steps you can try.


  • Hard reset the TV (This should be able to be done by going to the Main Menu, selecting Service Menu, and clicking on Factory Reset.
  • Try out both automatic and manual IP addresses inputs in the TV menu. A manual IP address you can try on a DNS SERVER is
  • In your router settings, you can set the 2.4 GHZ channel from Automatic to 1. After that, reboot the router to see if it will then connect. 
  • Find the IP settings on the TV, then switch the “IP settings and DNS Settings” to “Obtain Automatically”.
  • If the TV's still aren't connecting, it's possible the router is too far away for them to properly connect. You can try moving the router to a closer location to see if that helps.

If you're still having trouble with this, can you share what type of model(s) of the TV that you have so that I can look deeper into this concern?



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