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Toshiba TC 49L621U Firmware Update

To use Amazon Prime on this Toshiba Chromecast TV, it is asking me for firmware update. Any idea how to do it.

My Firmware version is 1.22.78594

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Re: Toshiba TC 49L621U Firmware Update

Greetings and welcome, roxyparu,



Firmware is essential to a TV being able to run correctly! Thank you for reaching out to us for some advice on your 50-inch. We’d be happy to point you in the correct direction.



Can you please give Toshiba a call at (855) 527-2411? They’d be best positioned to direct you further with this model of TV. Upon reviewing the material available on Toshiba’s website, it doesn’t appear that firmware may be available to download and upload via a USB drive to the TV. Additionally, since this is a SMART enabled device the firmware should download and install automatically if it’s connected to Wi-Fi.  It’s our sincere hope the dedicated teams at that number above will be able to assist you further.





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Re: Toshiba TC 49L621U Firmware Update

Hi Mariah,

I have a similar Toshiba model with the same firmware version installed.  The Toshiba website does actually have the firmware available for download for this model, which can be loaded to a USB drive and installed (see  However, this firmware version is over two years old and is the same one we already have installed on the TV.


System firmware version 01.04.088

Date:  08/30/2017

Cast firmware version:  1.22.78594


When I called Toshiba today, I was told they have no plans to provide any additional firmware updates for the built-in Chromecast hardware on this model.  So, unfortunately, the built-in Chromecast is now unusable when casting from any app requiring the latest Chromecast firmware (such as the 'Prime Video' app from Amazon).  The only apparent solution is to connect an external Chromecast device (with the latest firmware installed) to one of the TV's HDMI ports, and disable the built-in Chromecast.


I hope this helps, in case anyone else runs into the same issue.