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Toshiba Fire Tv coax connection

I recently bought a 43” Toshiba Fire TV edition and I’m trying to get it to work with my satellite receiver. The TV I replaced used the coax connection to display my satellite on channel 4. The new Toshiba just wants to scan for digital, analog, or cable channels when I try to use the “antenna” input. Is there a way to simply display what is coming in over coax? Do I need an external box to do this?
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Re: Toshiba Fire Tv coax connection

Generally, every other connection is better than coax for displaying video.  If your box doesn't offer HDMI, I would strongly encourage you to get a new box from your satellite provider. These are the possible connections, in order of quality:  HDMI, Component, S-Video, Composite.  Hopefully your box has another choice, this would allow you to place your tv on an input rather than convert the signal to RF and back again on the other side.  Based on the Toshiba, you would be limited to either HDMI or composite.  HDMI would allow you to get HD quality from the Satellite, Composite will limit the video to around 400-ish lines of resolution.   


If you have no other choice but to use the coax, plug it into the RF jack and make sure the satellite box is on and putting out video.  Once it is doing so, make sure you scan for channels and the box should appear on and be available on channel 4 like it always did.  


Hope this helps.

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