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Toshiba Fire TV wont connect to remote, cannot go any further or use my TV!

I bought a 55" Toshiba firetv in October of last year and the remote initially worked fine. My dog chewed it up, so I bought a replacement remote that for the life of me I could not get to connect. I gave up and got a universal remote so I could use my TV. The universal remote doesnt have many features and I decided to try to reconnect a replacement remote. I factory reset the TV and bought yet ANOTHER brand new replacement remote, but it WILL NOT CONNECT! I have done all of the tips and tricks suggested online and I can't go passed the "connect your remote" page on set-up. I can't get passed set-up with the universal remote either, so I now have a TV that I paid hundereds of dollars for that is literally useless!! 


Can anyone please help me in figuring out what to do here?? There is no amazone FireTv support line to contact anywhere and I need help! I feel like I wasted my money on this TV and multiple remotes and batteries. 

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Re: Toshiba Fire TV wont connect to remote, cannot go any further or use my TV!

Hello, snyderbowen,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! As someone who enjoys unwinding by watching TV, I can imagine what a struggle it would be to not be able to use your TV due to issues with the remote. That doesn't sound fun, so I'm glad you took the time to create a forum account and share this experience with us so we can step in and try to help.


For me to better assist, could you please share the model of your Toshiba 55" TV, as well as elaborate on what type of remote you're currently trying to use? 


When you try to use the remote, does anything happen, or does it seem to be unresponsive?


Look forward to hearing from you so we can try to figure this out.





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