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Toshiba Fire TV volume spiking to 100

Hi! I am hoping someone can help me. I just purchased a 32" Toshiba Fire TV last night. After spending about 30 minutes setting up the TV with my various accounts (Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, YouTubeTV, and HBOMax) and plugging in my son's XBox into the HDMI 1 (it connected with no issues), we were going to watch a show. I went to turn up the volume on the TV and the TV volume spiked to 100 and I have been unable to be turned down.  I powered the TV off for 30+ seconds with no difference. I unplugged the Xbox (thinking that maybe there was a random interference) but I was still unable to turn down the volume. I unplugged the power from the TV for 1 minute but this also did nothing to solve the problem. I saw this was an issue for someone else online but it was on a website that you had to pay $5 for the answer, which made me a little uneasy. Any help would be appreciated because I would love to avoid having to exchange the TV today and have to set up a new one. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Toshiba Fire TV volume spiking to 100

Hi there, Staceypsyd,


Congrats on your new TV!  That’s definitely weird that the volume on the TV is going to the max when you try to turn up the volume. 


Have you tried contacting Toshiba at all, or visiting their support website to see if there are any troubleshooting options?  It looks like you can visit their support page here, or contact them at (888) 527-2411.  Otherwise, you may need to consider exchanging the TV within the Return & Exchange Promise period here.


Thanks for posting!

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