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Re: Toshiba Fire TV volume problem

My last private message received was from someone OTHER than the regular Best Buy rep we've all had this conversation with previously, which I believe was Mariah.  This new person, HE suggested that because I tested everything and found that the TV speakers always worked fine, that my Sony surround sound receive is OLD,  (yeah!  like less than 10 years old!) and I need to buy a new one!   I asked him, again, in a PRIVATE message,  so you're telling me that everyone else in this forum with this prolbem needs to buy a new receiver?  Also, there are others in this forum that are ONLY using the TV speakers and NOT a surround sound receiver like I do and THEY are ALSO having this problem.  This is a great TV otherwise.  The problem with this particular product is that it is a 3 way relationship.  It was built by Toshiba in partnership with Amazon for the FireTV interface and sold ONLY by Best Buy.  Neither one of these entities seem to want to fix this problem.  This sadly, will be the last such "partnership" product that I buy!


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Re: Toshiba Fire TV volume problem

I have similar issues you all have.   Best Buy, Amazon and Toshiba aren't alot of help.