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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Remote

Was Christines soloution to unplug the tv? Or was it to press a sequence of buttons on the remote. Unplugging the tv and plugging it back in was the only way I could get remote functions back in the past. The only prolem for me was when I instructed my parents to unplug the tv, I always have to drive down to them and put the tv back on the proper input as unpugging the tv really messes the input menu for them and they cannot navigate to the right input.


Does updating the firmware fix having to unplug the tv?

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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Remote

Great questions, honeymonkey!


While some devices allow the option to reverse a firmware update, that's not usually an option when it comes to TVs. However, you can do a factory reset if you're not happy with the firmware update, which should put the TV in the state it was in before any of those updates.


It sounds like Christine had planned to press a sequence of buttons on the remote, but unplugging the TV is what helped correct the issue. I can understand how that solution would be less than ideal if you have to head over to help your parents anytime they unplug the TV.


Have they thought about having Total Tech Support? That would allow them to call in and work with a technician for troubleshooting steps on any device in their home, as well as a discount on services if anything needs to be repaired or set-up for them. That might be a good thing to look into, so someone can help walk them through each of those steps, as well as be able to provide further support if needed.







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