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Toshiba Fire TV Red light frozen at setup

When plugged in the power light near the lower left of the TV is red. When turned on you're prompted to choose your language, but you can't navigate to any of the choices or get past the screen. I used the remote to turn on the TV, but afterwards none of the inputs appear to work. I also tried to navigate the menu manually with the input button on the TV which was also unresponsive. 


Model #43LF621U21

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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Red light frozen at setup

Hey there, jhnmm,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community and thank you for registering to our forum to share this with us. Getting a new TV should be a time of excitement, but it can sometimes be stressful if the remote isn't working as planned. I know I'd be confused as well if I was able to use the remote to turn on the TV, but the other functions weren't working. However, I'm glad you said something so that we can try to find a solution!


The remote should pair automatically with the TV once the batteries are in, but here are some steps that can help when the remote isn't responding. 


Start by pressing the Home button on the TV. That should help pair it, but if that doesn't do the trick you can take the batteries out, insert them again or replace them to see if that helps. That said, make sure to remove the plastic that the batteries come in with the remote, as that could interfere with them working correctly.


Another reason the remote might not be responding is if there is anything between the remote control and the remote-control sensor on the front of the TV. If something is blocking the remote from the sensor, that would cause the remote to not be able to communicate with the TV. 


If you're still having trouble with the remote connecting to the TV, I recommend checking out our Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide. It is full of great tips that can help correct a variety of TV concerns.



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