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Toshiba Fire TV, HD Antenna pixelating



This is my third try at a Fire TV. The first two were Insignias and had the same issue that I am having now. This is the Toshiba and I am having the issue of the live over the air HD channels pixelating. I am getting 71 CHANNELS, yes 71 channels over air but they pixelating and breaking up. WHY? It is so frustrating. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Toshiba Fire TV, HD Antenna pixelating

Hello, KevinJuhas,


Welcome to our Best Buy community forum, and congratulations on your new TV! I know I love watching TV to unwind at the end of the day, but I can imagine that would be tough to do when your channels are pixelated rather than providing that crisp picture.


Sometimes channels can become pixelated from something as simple as nearby electronics in your home interfering with the over-the-air signal. I recommend unplugging some of the electronics near your TV to see if that has an impact on the picture. If that makes a difference, but you want those other electronics plugged in while watching TV, I recommend looking into getting a power conditioner, as that should help with other electronics  having less of an impact on your over-the-air signal. 


Hope that helps!



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