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Toshiba Fire TV Edition won't boot up

I have a Toshiba Fire TV edition 43LF621U19. I've been using it fine since January.

Today, after I hit the select and play to try to reboot it, it won't boot up.

It's stuck at the white FireTV logo with the loading dots like it's trying to load up and would restart the same process over and over again. I tried to unplug and re-plug the power cord multiple times with no avail.

I'm really stuck here.

Please help.






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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Edition won't boot up

I’m stuck on this as well! Looking for some answers on this.
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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Edition won't boot up

After given their support center a call, I got this resolved.

They're extremely helpful.


If you're a DIYer and have enough experiences dealing with Andoid. 

Here's the solution to factory reset the TV. (Note this will erase everything you've installed on it.)

1. Make sure the TV is unplugged.

2. Find a round button on the slid panel of the TV with the text 'input'

3. Press and hold it for 15 seconds before plug the power cord back in.

4. Do not release the button until you see the Toshiba and Fire TV logo 

5. Wait for it to show the recovery mode menu.

6. Select the option to wipe all data and factory reset the TV (Should be #3) (Short press the same button to choose. Long press the button to select)

The rest should be straight forward enough if you have any experiences playing with Android.


That being said. I think the best way is still by calling their support center and they're indeed really helpful.

I'm not responsible for any issues occurred.


You can visit their site at to get the support phone number.