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Toshiba Fire TV Edition Flashing Black Screen

We purchased a Toshiba Fire TV Edition a couple of weeks ago and last night we noticed it flashing a black screen every few seconds. We're not using an HDMI cable or any other device on the TV.



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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Edition Flashing Black Screen

Hi, mansell_sm,


Welcome to our Best Buy community forum!


Getting a new TV is a big decision, so I can imagine how excited you were to bring your Toshiba Fire TV home, so you could start watching your favorites shows! That said, it hurts me to learn that the screen started flashing black every few seconds. That's never fun, but I can imagine it's even less so when you got the television not long ago.


If you haven't yet, I recommend checking out our Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide, as it has lots of great tips that can correct common TV concerns. 


While those steps should help, I'd be happy to look into other options if those tricks don't correct the flashing. For me to do so, you'd just need to elaborate on what's happening and provide me with the model of Toshiba Fire TV that you went with.


Otherwise, you can review our Return & Exchange Promise, to see if your TV is still in the exchange time-frame, if you think something is wrong with the unit. That said, I recommend giving the troubleshooting guide a try before exploring that option, as the TV might just need a reboot.





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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Edition Flashing Black Screen

thanks for noi real answer best buy. this tv is not more than 6 months old and im experincing the same fliuckering. now as i see your policy is 30 day returns? what are we to do? as far as i can see your answer is bascially were screwed with all that typing is seems like you have a smile on your face

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Re: Toshiba Fire TV Edition Flashing Black Screen

600 doller tv less than a year... not good bestbuy. i will no doubt purposely shop elsewhere .