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Toshiba 55" fire tv has no speaker sound when optical is connected

I have a toshiba 55" Fire TV I purchased about 6 months ago. Never had any issues until I connected a Bose sound bar via the optical cable. Now when my tv is on but the sound bar is off, I have no speaker sound. The only remedy is to reboot the tv everytime through settings and devices, or turn on the sound bar. Things is I dont always want the sound bar on because of the fluctuation in sound. I have read lots of threads and tried lots of suggestions. Turning off Dolby digitital.. turning off true sound etc. It has the most current update. This is model #55LF621U19. When I go through device and reboot a message will pop up saying the sound bar is disconnected and my tv speakers work, but it wont do that until I reboot. This is easy for me to do, but my less tech savvy wife and kids dont get it. Thank you for your time.