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Toshiba 55" LED TV (#55L621U) Turns On & Back Off



I received this TV as a gift about 2-3 years ago from a family member. For the most part, it never really gave us many issues. That changed yesterday when I went to turn on my TV. It had been working in the morning. I left to run some errands, so I turned it off before I left. Didn't do anything any differently. When I arrived home several hours later, I sat down to turn on my TV. It went on, showed the "Toshiba" screen it always does, and then immediately powered back off.


The TV had sporadically turned off a few times over the 2-3 years I've had it while in the middle of watching something, but all I ever did was just turn it back on and it would be fine. This seems like it's a different issue. I've looked into this pretty extensively online, and I've tried a lot of the "tricks" to fix it. No matter what I do, the same thing keeps happening: I turn the TV on, the red light next to the power button blinks while it powers on, it shows the Toshiba start-up screen, then immediately turns off. The red light then turns solid, as it does when it is off, but about 30-60 seconds later, the red light goes off completely.


Someone mentioned in a separate forum that I could have somehow maybe activated some sort of "standby" mode, and I was told it takes a full 24 hours for "standby mode" to reset or turn off. I'm currently waiting to try using the TV while I wait the full 24 hours before I plug anything back in. Right now, I have literally everything you can attach to the TV unplugged. It is completely disconnected from any source of power.


I've called the number Toshiba gives out for service, but was immediately re-routed to Best Buy Geek Squad/Customer Service, which didn't help at all. Before I even got halfway through explaining my problem, I was basically interrupted, told it would cost me $100 for someone to "come take a look at it" and that it was "probably a power board problem" at which point I was told regardless of the issue, I'm looking at spending at least $250-$300 to fix. While still trying to process this, I was then encouraged to just "buy a new TV at Best Buy", which really made me feel like nobody ever intended to help me with my problem at all, and just wanted me to spend more money at a place that already sold me a TV that I can't use.


Has anyone else had this issue with this specific TV? Is there a simple fix, something I might be able to do myself? I've seen some people say to just leave it unplugged for several days and try again which many have said is successful. I'm just looking for any kind of help other than "go buy a new TV".



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Re: Toshiba 55" LED TV (#55L621U) Turns On & Back Off

Hi there, User913645, 


Welcome to our Best Buy community forum! As someone who enjoys putting on a good show at the end of day, I know what a big impact a working TV can have on everyday life. That said, I'm sad to learn that your Toshiba TV wouldn't turn on when you got home. That's not ideal, but I'm glad you took the time to share this experience with us! 


While it is true that it would be a $99 diagnostic fee to have a Geek Squad Agent come out to see what is causing the issue and provide an estimate for a repair if you don't have Geek Squad Protection, I can understand how that answer would annoy you when they didn't offer any troubleshooting tips first.


That's not the experience we wanted for you, so we look forward to trying to turn this around. You mentioned that you tried unplugging the TV for a bit to see if that would help. That's a great idea, as that sometimes will do the trick. Did the TV turn on like normal when you plugged it back in?


If you're still having trouble with this TV, I recommend checking out our article Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide, as it has tips that help fix common TV concerns. If those still don't correct the issue, I'd be happy to look into this further, but would need your TV's model number to get started.







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Re: Toshiba 55" LED TV (#55L621U) Turns On & Back Off

Did you ever find a solution? I have the exact same tv and problem. It happened a year ago and I tried every trick, even replaced the power board and still the same issue. Put it in the basement until I had time to work on it again. 

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Re: Toshiba 55" LED TV (#55L621U) Turns On & Back Off

Hey I had the same thing happen to me just now. With same TV and i got it about 2 1/2 years ago. Did you ever figure out a solution or anything?
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Re: Toshiba 55" LED TV (#55L621U) Turns On & Back Off

I have the same tv and same issue . I bought extended warranty but they aren't doing service so it's useless. I tried unplugging and holding power button. Same thing comes on to start up screen red light blinks then shuts off. . 10 calls to Best buy . 1 call to store. I asked the to waive the inspection and replace .nope so I'm on a shelter in place no TV, no $ and a warranty that is useless.