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Toshiba 55" Fire TV Edition Sound Bar issue

We just received our new television and set it up right away yesterday. However, despite plugging in Optical from TV to our Vizio Sound bar, we are not able to determine how to actually set it up so that the fire tv remote is able to control it.


As a back up solution we were able to set it up with Bluetooth after a lot of trial and error, however this isn't preferable. With our older Vizio TV we were able to both turn on the sound bar and tv with he Fire Tv Stick remote. We are not able to do with the Blue tooth option. We always have to get out the sound bar remote to turn it on, then we can set it aside and use the fire tv remote to control volume. That's IF it decides to work right away. 


Are there instructions somewhere on how to configure all of this with an optical cable?