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Toshiba 55". 55l621u

I purchased a Toshiba 55" 4k " Christmas Special " two years ago. Biggest mistake ever! After the first year, the TV would turn on, then off, then on randomly. I could deal with that, knowing Toshiba only offers a one year warranty on their product and, of course, it started to have problems right after that. We'll, here I am 2 years later and the TV is now junk. The splash screen boots up, the red light blinks, then the screen goes black. Several calls to Toshiba and they want to send their tech out to fix it and charge me an arm and a leg. So I'm posting this as a buyer beware warning. Unfortunately, if you're on this forum like me, you've probably already made the mistake of purchasing one of these great deals from Best Buy. I'm disappointed that Best Buy would sell a product by the masses that has so many problems as this Toshiba. My experience is this: if you buy anything electronic from Best Buy, you might as well figure in the cost of geek squad protection, cuz you're gonna need it. That purchase may not be such a great deal with all the costs involved and the time the TV is out of commission being fixed. It's sad that a large purchase for your home is only good for a year without added costs. Stay away, far, far away from Toshiba...