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Toshiba 50' fire tv problem

I just purchased my Toshiba firetv 50" 6 months ago (Dec 2019). Now there is sound but no picture. I have disconnected the cable and reconnected it back, yet the problem is not resolved. pls help.

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Re: Toshiba 50' fire tv problem

Hi there, temioreb,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! 


Although I wish you were connecting with us under happier circumstances, I'm glad that you took the time to bring this to our attention. That said, we appreciate how patient you've been while waiting for a reply. We're currently handling a larger volume than normal, but are working to get to everyone as quickly as we can.


We know that getting a new TV is a big deal, so we're honored that you decided to make that purchase with us. However, the experience you described is far cry from the one we wanted for you. As someone who likes to relax by putting on a good show, I can imagine how stressful it would be for the TV to suddenly only have sound but no picture. I know I'd want to try and figure out what's causing that as well!


That was a great idea to try disconnecting the cable and then reconnect it, as sometimes these things can be as simple as something getting disconnected over time. I'm sorry to hear that didn't fix things, but I have some other ideas that could do the trick. Our article Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide is full of troubleshooting ideas that can correct common TV concerns. I highly recommend checking that article out and giving the tips a try!


If you do those but your TV still isn't showing a picture, the next best step would probably be to have someone come out to your home to do a diagnostic on your TV. Since you purchased it in December, it should still be covered by the one-year manufacture warranty. You can reach Toshiba's support by calling (800) 457-7777, so they can help you with next steps.


Otherwise, if you have Geek Squad Protection on your TV, you can have a Geek Squad Agent come out to your home under your extended warranty. You would then call (800) GEEK-SQUAD or (800) 433-5778 to get that scheduled.




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