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Tiny House - Big Home Theater Possibilities

With the growing popularity of tiny homes, condos, and other compact housing, you may find yourself wanting to choose that lifestyle. With limited space, you may be questioning whether or not a big home theater system is even a possibility. Not to fear! There are so many viable options that can help you create a spectacular setup, regardless of size. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Choosing the Correct Size of TV

This step is going to be key to finding the best TV for your home. Once you have decided which bedroom or area the TV will be placed, we need to determine the viewing distance to ensure that the size of TV you were wanting would be optimal. Getting a TV that is too large may lead to a painful neck trying to view it in all its glory, and a TV that is too small can lead to an unpleasant eye strain. Check out this article here for more details on how to determine which size may be the best fit for your home.

2. Getting the Best Sound for Your Space

There’s a lot to consider when deciding what audio setup might be best. Some things to factor in would include what you are planning on watching, the surrounding textiles that could affect the sound quality, and the kind of audio you were wanting to incorporate in your home. You can see more details about the speaker types we offer in our Speaker Buying Guide.

If spacing is very limited, then you may want to consider a sound bar rather than a surround sound setup. Otherwise, we do have some other options if you were wanting to engulf yourself in a surround sound experience. There are several ways to get that done while saving space. Which leads us to the next point:

3. Furniture and Display

Depending on the style or aesthetic you were wanting to achieve in your home, there are plenty of options to get your home theater equipment set up with minimal space. For the TV, mounting it to a secure wall would be great option as it takes advantage of wall space, rather than floor space. This can allow you to use a smaller TV stand or shelf to organize any entertainment equipment such as audio and multimedia equipment, gaming consoles, or movie collections.

If you were wanting to add a sound bar or speakers to your setup, no worries! We also carry sound bar and speaker mounts to keep your floor space clear of extra stands. By keeping the bulk of the equipment on the wall, it will help make your space feel sleek and modern. You can see the type of home theater furniture, and other home furniture, we carry here.

4. Services

You may be thinking “These options are great. But what now?” Our Geek Squad Agents offer TV mounting, amongst many other home theater installation services, such as in-wall wire concealment, which can be viewed here. With the appropriate home theater equipment in combination with these services, there are so many possibilities to making your home theater setup unique and outstanding, regardless of size.

If you are still feeling unsure about what equipment and services might be great fit in your home, I’d suggest scheduling an In-Home Consultation here.

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