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Thinking about buying my first home theater system. Is this package worth it?

Also, hope this is the right sup.

Alright, so I'm looking to buy a new HiFi system for my home entertainment room. Currently using a Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar with rear speakers paired with my 65" LG GX, which is just OK, but I want something more.

I work at an electronics store and can get what I hope is a great deal on a previous display unit.

The system in question:

  • Onkyo 7.2 TX-NR686-B Receiver

  • Two Klipsch R-620F towers (one has some cosmetic damage on one corner, but nothing that would compromise sound quality).

  • One Klipsch R-52C center speaker

  • Two Klipsch R-41M bookshelf speakers

  • One Klipsch R-10SW subwoofer

All in all about $100 for the whole setup.

Is it any good, regardless of the price?

Read a lot of hate toward Klipsch so it's making me uncertain. Also read some people having issues with the ARC board on the Onkyo?


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Re: Thinking about buying my first home theater system. Is this package worth it?



Other peoples opinions be danged.


Hate towards Klipsch is most likely from people who have never owned Klipsch and want everyone to own what they have


To me  however, the speakers are a bit small for the fronts. But they should provide good sound.


My small I am referring to their diameter.  In some systems 6.5 inch speakers are somewhere in between Mids and wolfers. 


Getting back to the $100.  You would be foolish to not grab it if is in working condition. 


It will certainly be a step up from your soundbar



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