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Thankful To Have a Kitchen TV This Thanksgiving

I’ve always been a baker, but the past year I’ve been working to stretch my culinary skills by trying a variety of new recipes for dinner. Not only has it been a delicious adventure, but it means I’ve been spending a lot more time in the kitchen. The people in my family are amazing cooks, so I’m looking forward to showing off some of the skills I learned by volunteering to make some of the more time-consuming Thanksgiving dishes. However, that means I’m going to have less free time to enjoy some of the Thanksgiving traditions I love. So, I’m going to bring those traditions to me, which means I need to find a TV for my kitchen.


There were a variety of TV sizes that could have worked for my space, and while the models that were 24” or under were adorable, I decided to go with a 32” TV, as that allowed me to get the most out of the room between my counter and the kitchen cabinets up above.


When I’m cooking there can be a lot going on at once, so I want pausing, rewinding, or just starting a show to be as easy as possible. While the TV came with a remote that lets me stream services, such as Netflix or Hulu from the TV’s apps, I prefer to stream directly from my phone using Chromecast, making my phone act as the remote. That way I can just grab my phone from my pocket to hit pause, or go back a scene if things get hectic in the kitchen. It also makes my least favorite task of washing dishes a bit more fun, as I can get into a show in the process.

I got the TV for my kitchen with the intention of watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and a few episodes of Parenthood while I made food, but it’s already getting so much use! If I’m trying a new recipe that calls for a technique I’m not familiar with, I can find a video on YouTube that walks me through the steps and watch it in the kitchen.


Starting a lazy weekend day by watching The Great British Baking Show is one of my favorite things, but I have a hard time getting through a full episode, as it makes me want to get up to bake something myself. Now, that’s not an issue as I can do both at the same time!


I can’t wait to start making my Thanksgiving creations, along with the extra help I’ll get by people hanging out watching shows in the kitchen. 

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