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Take risk buying from BestBuy

Bought Sony 46" TV, picked it from store, when got home realized the TV screen is cracked.

Brought back to stote (less than a day after bought it), AND STORE REFUSED TO TAKE THE BAD PRODUCT CLAIMING THAT BUY TAKING IT FROM STORE I TOOK THE RISK!!! So it is my proble.


Let me be clear, nobody told me I AM TAKING RISK by taking the product. Should the have ttold me so I wouldn't touch the product.


So be aware, if you get a damaged product from BestBuy store, the can claim it is your problem!!! and your risk!!!

Don't take risk, dfemand them (if you have to buy from this kind of retailer) to open and check the product in store before you take it.

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Re: Take risk buying from BestBuy

Hey dova,

Unless customers choose to have a product delivered, Best Buy® really has no way to verify what happens to that product once it leaves our store’s premises. As such, Best Buy® cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of improper shipping or handling. If you feel, however, that the damage that has occurred to your TV is the result of a manufacturer’s defect, please remember that you may always contact the manufacturer directly for further assistance.


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Re: Take risk buying from BestBuy

Dova I've had the same problem with Best Buy myself. My wife and I had purchased a house so off to Best Buy we go because after shopping around we could'nt find any better prices. We purchased & ordered a month in advance washer,dryer and refrig. So the closer we got to the delviery date I called Best Buy to reassure they going to deliver the appliances, well thats when the S**t hit the fan. The person on the other end of the phone tells me 2 washers & a frig was ordered, who in there right mind would order 2 washers. End up having to go a model up for more money because of Best Buy stupidity!!! So we get that straight and they on for delivery, frig is hooked up 5 sec later it starts leaking freion. So they take it back and tell us ohwell what you want us to do about it, it will take 3 weeks to order another one. So we asked if they could loan us one while ours comes in 3 weeks, there answer was we can't do that. Now we talking about 2500 dollars in items here not 25 dollars. So I took my money and business elsewhere and wont purchase anything again from Bad Buy....Also if you read Best Buy fine print the charge a restocking fee for items returned. I would suggest buying from best buy!! Do research & research the company your buying from.