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1Sony 40"    Or  2Sony 40"
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Will some one help me!!
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Well,  I am not a video expert as my knowledge is a bit more deep concerning audio, but here's my take on these two similar monitors.


The 40S4100 appears to be a bit watered down version of the 40V4100.  It appears that the extra $$$ gets you more inputs along with perhaps better video processing with the integrated "Bravia Engine full digital video processor".  According to analysis of video processing engines, many fail to pick up a 3/2 sequence or properly show 24 frames per second correctly.  Perhaps the more expensive version does a better job.


If it were my money, I would go with the less expensive one as I bet that it is about 90% as good as the more expensive one and we would probably not see the difference.


On another note, if money is not a huge concern then I woudl suggest looking at Pioneer's Kuro line and also Sony's newest XBR line.  Those two units are setting the standard today fot the best image available.


Hope this helps...

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