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TV's that still use Gain & Offset for RGB

I went to my local Best Buy & none of the new TV's had Gain & Offset for RGB. This is very disappointing as I like to set the Gain to a Base & the Offset to a Light Orange in order to Upscale the Colors on the TV so that Black turns Gray, Blue turns Green & Sky Blue &; Red turns Orange & Pink, etc. Could anyone here tell me the latest TV models that still use Gain & Offset RGB?

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Re: TV's that still use Gain & Offset for RGB

Sadly that is a feature that most TV manufacturers are removing from new Televisions.


They want you to do with the preset color definitions. 


Offset and Gain really started to go away 9 or 10 years ago.  

My monitors still have it by my 10 year old TV does not


I have looked at several brands on your behalf and found nothing.


You may have to got to the web site for each each brand your considering and down load manuals.


Thats not to say it is gone.  Generally now I believe it can only be accessed via a key that a technician would possess. 

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