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TV's on sale????

I'm looking at buying the 26" Dynex LCD HDTV, it just went on sale from $339.99 to $299.99. First - how long do TV's usually stay on sale for? And second - if it's sold out in the store, can I pay for it now or reserve it at the current price or something and pick it up when they get more??
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Re: TV's on sale????

I think I can answer the first part of your question -- Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's typical that sales last one week.  Generally, new sales are released each Sunday when BB's current ad is made available.  I'm sure some sales are longer in duration, but you'd have to check with your local BB to see exactly how long the sale is expected to last on that particular television.


As to the second part of your question, I'm quite certain you are out of luck if the TV is out of stock at your local store.  Have you considered buying from  Are there any other BB stores close to your location?

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Re: TV's on sale????

unless its avaiable at your local store, you might be out of luck. I checked on this earlier and it was backordered online.


best buy has a new add that comes out every sunday. so prices will only be good untill every saturday.


good luck

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