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TV Trade-in Update

Hello! I saw there was a response from a couple of years back in regards to trading in a TV. I have a VISIO Smart  TV (circa 2014) that works perfectly, but it was not built with the option to update the software. I'd like to get a new TV, but I do not want this one to go to waste.


Has there been any changes to the TV Trade-in policy? I know there is an option to recycle, but it would be a waste as the TV is in perfect condition. All the applications work, and there is no damage to the TV or wire. The backing will not stay on the remote, if dropped, and the arrows on the remote look a little worn, but that is all. Perfect condition otherwise.

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Re: TV Trade-in Update

To be brutally honest there is not much of a market for trading in TV's. I know I am in a similar position I have an older TV that actually functions very well, but there is not trade in value. 


Here is a link to Best Buys Trade in Program 

And it does not include TV's.  


Even if there was the trade in on a 20141 TV it would be only a few dollars.


Honestly, your best bet is to try and sell it to someone. 

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Re: TV Trade-in Update

Hey there, chatterbox_4ever,


Welcome to our Best Buy forums! 


I can certainly appreciate wanting to see if there was some way to get value out of your old TV if you find yourself no longer needing it or it is becoming obsolete (from an updating standpoint).


As our friend bobberuchi pointed out, we do not take TVs for trade-in, so your best bet would be either to continue to utilize it in some way (maybe to hook up a Blu-Ray player or gaming system?).  Alternatively, you could also look to sell it to someone who might need it for the same options as I gave above.  If you’re on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace could be an easy way to sell it.


I hope this helps and thanks for posting!

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